How can I hold events at Small Shops Marketplace?

As you may know, Small Shops Marketplace has a designated Event Room. This room is over 1000 square feet, and is specially designated for people to host classes, events, and more!

But how can you get in on the fun? It’s actually quite simple. You can come into the store at any time and speak to a manager about an event you want to hold, and once you’re approved you can reserve a date. We operate on a first come first served basis, so have multiple dates in mind in case your desired time is taken up.

The room costs $50 to rent for 3 hours, with it costing an additional $10 for every hour after that. Nonprofits and community organizations are welcome to use the room for free within reason.

We can also help promote your event! We can boost your event on social media and put it on our event calendar. If you don’t wish for your event to be promoted by us, simply say so and we’ll keep quiet.

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